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Long time no blog…

Hi All Idaho CAN readers (we know you are out there!).  I apologize for the extended hiatus and letting the website lapse.  Thanks go to Susie for keeping up with the site during my extended period of laziness.


Final IPCC report: Only URGENT action will do

VALENCIA, Spain (AFP) – UN chief Ban Ki-moon demanded that politicians next month smash the deadlock on tackling global warming, saying a report issued on Saturday by a Nobel-winning climate panel “has set the stage for a real breakthrough.”

“We cannot afford to leave Bali without such a breakthrough,” the secretary general said, referring to a conference running on the Indonesian island from December 3-14, tasked with setting a strategy for deepening cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions.

Consumer Consequences identifies effect of lifestyle choices

Find out what the world would look like if everyone lived like you.  Play Consumer Consequences, a game from American Public Media.

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