Be happy, not hypocritical, about high gas prices!

Or so argues this Washington Post Op-Ed (May 30) by Robert Samuelson. Such high prices were one of three factors contributing to the slight overall reduction in US greenhouse gas emissions in 2006.  The other two factors were i) weather conditions that reduced air condition use, and ii) more use of natural gas rather than dirtier coal.


1 Response to “Be happy, not hypocritical, about high gas prices!”

  1. 1 Ralph Maughan June 13, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    High gas prices are George Bush’s energy policy. Policy can be set by default, and that is what his Administration has allowed to happen.

    High gas prices will encourage conservation, but in a grossly unfair way. A fuel tax would be much better because the proceeds could be redistributed and also used for energy conservation measures more likely to yield direct and faster results.

    However, Congress would never enact a $2 gallon gasoline tax, nor any Administration propose it.

    Those of us who can bear the high prices and quell our empathy for those who will go without and lack the means to buy an energy efficient vehicle, may be able to smile.

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