View Pocatello’s Step-it-Up photo!

We were very proud to have had between 125-175 participants at our Step-It-Up.2007 rally (link to photo) on Saturday, April 14, 2007 to encourage congress to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. Over 1400 rallies were held nationwide. Thanks to Jo Myers, Echo Schneider, Jan Seymour, and Marcus Gallo for organizing the rally. Thanks to Jessica McAleese, Bob Merle, and John Heckler for excellent music. Mayor Robert Chase of Pocatello opened the rally with an inspiring speech, and Peter Murphy (Idaho Climate Action Network) and Chris Jenkins (Wildlife Conservation Society) followed that up with some more information on global warming and avenues for personal and political action. We also ate excellent dutch oven food and sipped Portneuf Valley Brewery refreshments. The following organizations passed out literature at the rally: The Idaho Climate Action Network, The Eastern Idaho Group of the Sierra Club, The Caribou Water Coalition, Poky Free Bikes, Portneuf Greenway Foundation, and Portneuf Valley Bike-to-Work. Please visit their websites and contribute with time, money, ideas, or pedal power!

Call your congressman or senators and tell them to support the Sanders-Boxer Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Act. The numbers for our representatives (representing E. Idaho) in Washington DC are: Sen. Craig (202-224-2752); Sen. Crapo (202-224-6142); Rep. Simpson (202-225-5531). More information on this climate bill can be found on the Grist website, here and here. Here is a .pdf of an article in January from the Times.


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