Step it up 2007 Pocatello: April 14, 2007, Ross Park

Jan Seymour, Jo Myers, Echo Schneider, Marcus Gallo, Idaho CAN, and you! will be part of a rally at Ross Park beginning at 12 noon on April 14, 2007 to call our national and state leaders to take action against global climate change by reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2050. Our rally, Step It Up, 2007! will be linked (through photos and information) to over 1300 rallies currently planned across the country, giving a kick-in-the-pants to our national leaders.

We will begin promptly at 12 noon with Mayor Chase, who has signed Pocatello on to the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. We will follow this with a rally, music, food, information, and enthusiasm! Come out and rally to stop warming, and meet others with ideas to counteract this problem locally and nationally. Step it up Pocatello!

Return to this site for more information on the rally as the date approaches. For more information on Bill McKibben, the organizer of the National Step-It-Up rally, read this interview with a journalist from

If you want to help with planning the rally, or have a speaker that you think would be appropriate, contact Echo or Jo at: echo.schneider or jolmyers at


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